About us

Nexsoft SpA is a Company involved in ICT industry. Nexsoft is composed of skilled engineers in System, Networking , Security and Development Area. The Company has 2 software farms (in Salerno and in Rome) and it has more than 120 employees. Nexsoft is an ICT Company composed of skilled Professionals in software Development, testing and ICT infrastructures.

The company works in Java, C ++, C# and is able to provide the best service at affordable price without sacrificing the Italian quality. Nexsoft is able to help its client in different sectors: industry, telecommunications, media, utilities, lines, etc. The high know-how level acquired by Nexsoft during its life enables the company to offer innovating solutions, answering the needs of the client in the best way. Nexsoft’s goal is to improve the technological progress to help the clients to build their future company.

Experience, competence and professionalism represent the main characteristics of Nexsoft. The company is able to guarantee the best response in short time, depending on the client’s needs. Considering the value of time for the nowadays business, Nexsoft has built its structure to minimize the response time.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Nexsoft office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.