Nexsoft Delivery Center

Thanks to the high skills of its IT specialists, the 2 Delivery Centers of Nexsoft are structured to work on complex services and are able to provide solutions to any type of specification. The services provided by the Delivery Center are of high quality thanks to the experience and to the “best practices” consolidated over time. We are therefore able to provide customized solutions that combine Italian Quality with a sustainable cost.

The Nexsoft Delivery Centers are located at the Nexsoft offices in Salerno and Rome.

The two sites have internet access with a guaranteed minimum band of 20 Mb. The Nexsoft sites are interconnected with each other through an MPLS intrasede network and / or IPSEC over an HDSL connection.

The company policies provide for the use of firewalls that ensure both perimeter protection and functions as a concentrator and management of flows, both outgoing and incoming, subdividing them by order, skills and authorization. The Nexsoft provides the client with remote-accessible IT tools for real-time tracking of the progress of their services. The technologies that are made available by the Nexsoft Delivery Center used for the development of applications and portals are: Java, C #, C ++ and Android, widely distributed skills are on technologies: middleware, complex systems integration, IT Operation and testing.

The Nexsoft Delivery Center in Salerno is located in a modern building connected to the major Italian and European cities thanks to the Salerno national airport and, less than an hour away, from Naples International Airport, from high-speed trains and from the A3, A30 motorways and the junction with the A1.

The Rome Delivery Center is in via La Spezia, easily reachable by metro A and C and by the Rome ring road.

The location of the Delivery Centers in these locations allows the professionals present in the company to reach, where necessary, the customer in a very short time.