The Direction of NEXSOFT S.P.A. It is committed to pursuing a policy that is at the center of the activities both the customers internal, and external. In particular, the internal customer satisfaction is pursued by moments of verification and update on issues related to the offered services/products. The external customer satisfaction is pursued by offering and adapting all processes to its particular needs, implicit and explicit, and detected by monitoring both the cultural progress, and the achievement of the objectives agreed in the contract stage. The customer takes a central role in the success of NEXSOFT S.P.A. It therefore becomes important to know him, delivering services/products that meet their needs and create high customer satisfaction.

The goals it puts NEXSOFT S.P.A. are:

  • Improving the image and reputation on the market, and then: increase the number of customers, increase in revenues;
  • The satisfaction of stakeholders (customers, employees), and then: achievement of budget objectives, increasing employment levels, wage increases, reduced absenteeism;
  • Care of the communication with the customer;
  • The ‘customer service; (The achievement of these four objectives will be constantly pursued through constant monitoring of Customer Satisfaction of customers and analysis of complaints)
  • Respect of safety regulations in the workplace. (Achieving and maintaining this goal will be constantly pursued through training and information for staff at all levels).
  • The monitoring and constant monitoring of risks and the effectiveness of the response. (Achieving and maintaining this objective will be pursued consistently through constant monitoring of the known risks, monitoring residual risks, identifying new risks, the implementation of risk response plans, and evaluating the effectiveness of these operations ).

By achieving these objectives you want to establish a company intensely focused on our customers, increase the efficiency on the market, comply with the regulations at Work, improve customer satisfaction, to have constant control over its processes, increase the probability and the ‘impact of positive and decrease the probability and impact of damaging events events. Management believes that the achievement of these objectives represents the differentiating factor in a highly competitive market. The specific objectives will be defined annually by management and communicated to all employees.