IT Outsourcing


Managed Services Outsourcing is a very effective supply mode and Nexsoft has a strong and long term experience in IT Outsourcing. The activity can be provided either at the customer site or at one of Nexsoft locations so that the client can save time and money.

The number of resources involved can be fixed or on the basis of activities. Contractual arrangements may be either on the basis of a fee, or based on the number of activities (ticket). Within the contract, it can be introduced SLA to guarantee Quality of Service. The whole Service Delivery cycle is constantly monitored by the Nexsoft’s Governance structures that supervise the activities of the Service in accordance with the levels agreed upon.

Nexsoft’s Governance structures evaluate possible risks that can arise from the daily activities and they provide, to the customers, some plans to mitigate the issues. Nexsoft can assure a constant and stable interaction with the client so that it can manage the relation with the client company in the best way and in short time.