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Layered EMS Architecture

Università degli studi di Salerno


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€ 644.700


Its historical and cultural wealth is one of Italy’s many treasures, much appreciated by experts and tourists alike. The latter flock to our numerous museums and cultural sites every year.

At the same time, the full appreciation of a cultural asset is also closely linked to a series of factors that are, at least in part, beyond the intrinsic historical value of the asset itself. Factors that influence its perception are, for example, the emotional state of the user, their demographic characteristics and their cultural background.

With the ARTE_BIOCUL research project, Nexsoft, in partnership with a group of university researchers, aims in particular to create a platform where, through artificial intelligence techniques, biometric information of demographic and behavioural type of the user is collected, in order to offer ad hoc cultural paths and appropriate information, also through AR/VR technologies.

Specifically, the objective is the design and construction of a mobile device (glasses) that, by means of infra-red sensors, is able to acquire a series of physiological (face and iris) and behavioural biometric data (saccadic movements, eyelid fluttering, etc.).

The acquired data, which are transmitted to a server and processed by deep learning techniques, allow the demographic classification of the user (child, adult, elderly, man, woman, ethnicity) and the constant evaluation of their level of attention, providing personalised information as feedback through AR glasses.