Layered EMS Architecture

Wolters Kluwer


Business area
Software Development >Nearshoring

Project amount
€ 1.500.000


The Tagetik product is a unified solution for Corporate Performance Management, specifically designed for the “Administration, Finance and Control” area.

The product makes it possible to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thanks to the modernisation of budgeting and planning processes, the reduction in the number of days required for monthly closures and the consolidation cycle, the acceleration of the timing of all financial activities and “disclosure management”, as well as the extremely simple generation of management reports and advanced analysis.

Nexsoft is collaborating with Tagetik for:

  • Definition of technological architectures.
  • Migration of the graphical interface, through the use of new technologies to improve the user experience.
  • Migration from a monolithic to a microservices architecture to allow scalability and greater speed of use.
  • Developing new functionalities in the Finance world.

The software developed can be used both on-premise and on microservice cloud architectures.