Layered EMS Architecture
Layered EMS Architecture
Layered EMS Architecture

Leonardo S.p.A


Business area

  • Research
  • Software development > IT outsourcing

Project amount

€ 2.000.000


Coflight is a latest generation FDP (Flight Data Processing) system (i.e. a computer system used by air traffic controllers).

It complies with the SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) programme launched by the European Commission to deliver the technological innovations that will allow the creation of a new EU-wide interoperable air traffic management system.

Nexsoft has collaborated with Leonardo, providing a team of diverse professionals consisting of Software Architects, Software Developers, System Engineers and Software Testers in analysis, design, development, testing and integration activities.

In the first phase, Nexsoft collaborated in the development of the system components, container integration and communication via DDS (Digital Data Service).

We subsequently collaborated in the creation of the testing scenarios preparatory to the production of the framework.

Nexsoft also collaborated in the design and implementation of the new systems communication architecture, thus allowing migration from CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) to SOA (Service-oriented architecture).

The framework developed is now operational at the ENAV centres in Italy and DSNA/DTI in France.