Creation of new GUI

Layered EMS Architecture



Business area
Software development > IT outsourcing

Project amount
€ 800.000

Creation of new GUI

Ericsson S.p.A. is a leading company in the telecommunications sector.

Ericsson provides telephone companies around the world with telecommunications networks.
For this reason, in the mid 2000’s, the need for a system to manage telecommunications nodes arose. This system is ServiceOnEM(SOEM).

Over the years, this system was expanded with all the features required to manage telecommunication nodes, i.e. alarm tracking, collection of performance data for billing purposes, remote firmware update of nodes, etc.

The system included parts developed in Java, C and C++. Subsequently it became necessary to create a new user GUI that could interact with SoEM.

This project, carried out by Nexsoft and Ericsson engineers, has integrated a GUI which is completely new in appearance and architecture, complies with all Ericsson standards and has the look and feel of the most modern websites.

The graphical part has been implemented with JavaFX framework and the back end in Java. The server part remained the same, but middleware (GAIA) was introduced for integration with it.