Lottomatica/IGT Network Competence Centre

Layered EMS Architecture



Business area
IT Consulting >Networking

Project amount
€ 1.000.000

Lottomatica/IGT Network Competence Centre

Lottomatica, a holding of the IGT/Gtech group, is a company operating in various areas from lotteries to virtual betting, and commercial and payment services. As a technology partner, Nexsoft collaborates in the following activities:

  • Design and implementation of high performance modular data centre platforms (POD) with the use of dedicated firewalls, broken down into subcontexts specific for application tiers, isolated network devices (segregation) and devices for session balancing and on-demand switching, designed to bypass the traditional complexities of physical data centres and achieve more efficient performance in rapidly changing contexts.
  • Design, engineering and implementation of access infrastructures of the client access type to allow remote access to corporate and site-to-site resources for the provision and/or access to business services for partners in different environments (Production, Staging, Development).
  • Deployment and ongoing maintenance of remote access infrastructures for retailers (dealers and betting centres).
  • Management and Layer3 Support (incidents and problems) on all security systems, networks and load balancers of the projects followed, based on Juniper technologies and tools (SRX, ISG, Space), Fortinet (FortiGate, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer, FortiConverter), CheckPoint (SmartDomain Manager, SmartReporter, SmartLog, SmartEvent).