Project details

CNR, Space

Financing body
Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico


Business area

Project amount
€ 900.000


The Opera project is part of the research laboratory initiatives related to Computer Vision and Augmented Reality systems.

For the realisation of the OPERA project, we have exploited the possibilities offered by digital technology to guide the user towards a fuller and more natural understanding of the opera, in several essential and convergent aspects:

  • promoting the legibility and functional understanding of the dramatic plot;
  • supporting users without a classical musical knowledge in the understanding of musical constructs;
  • enabling full contextual visibility of the libretto text, associated with the singing characters;
  • allowing a view of the performance from multiple points of view;
  • allowing the visual enrichment of the theatrical set design with virtual inserts in augmented reality.

The final result of the project was the implementation of a framework for use with wearable augmented reality display devices, which can be rented in the theatre with the relative wearable hardware, or used on one’s own devices.

The product developed was tested at Palazzo Barbarigo in Venice, during a performance of “La Traviata”.

The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Development through the “Enterprise and Competitiveness” National Operational Programme 2014/2020 ERDF – Action 1.1.3.