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Passport Europe

Layered EMS Architecture

Gilbarco Veeder-Root


Business area
Software development >Nearshoring

Project amount
€ 2.000.000

Passport Europe

Active since the 1960s as Logitron, Gilbarco offers technology dedicated to service station operators.
Gilbarco products include: automation systems; distribution systems; secure payment systems; remote management systems (cloud).

The products generally consist of dedicated hardware on which proprietary software runs.

Nexsoft has actively participated in the technological innovation that has brought a revolution in Gilbarco’s hardware products especially in the “spots” (payment terminals). The transition from M3 to M7 spots engaged Nexsoft developers in a re-factoring of the software for communicating between the various elements of the architecture, including with the POS through the standard IFSF protocol.

Nexsoft has been a key player in the migration of the legacy passport to the cloud, through services called “connectors”. This has finally allowed even small fuel distribution businesses to control a service area from a simple browser or mobile app, monitoring its activities.

Nexsoft has also collaborated with Gilbarco in the development of software modules for multimedia service stations. On particular pumps (so-called “multimedia pumps”) it is possible to upload videos, voice messages and special layouts and synchronize them with the actions of the consumer.