Smart metering for Enel Distribuzione

Layered EMS Architecture



Business area
Software development > IT outsourcing

Project amount
€ 1.000.000

Smart metering for Enel Distribuzione

Indra is a Spanish company which has won a tender for Enel Distribuzione’s “smart metering” project.

“Smart metering” is the ambitious project that allows the remote control of all operations relating to electronic meters.

With such functionality it is possible, completely remotely, to collect load curves, design the electrical network, carry out the configuration of the meters, manage the users and the firmware update of the meters.

The system architecture involves these systems, known as the “Beat system”, interacting with a concentrator, which in turn sends lower-level commands to n counters that are underlying it.

The Nexsoft technicians were responsible for the realisation of the “Beat” application systems, developed almost entirely in Java, providing their expertise in software design and testing.
In addition, together with Enel technicians, Nexsoft has redesigned the system architecture to adapt it to the most current trends, such as microservices architecture and the use of big data.