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Layered EMS Architecture

Ericsson, Skytronics


Business area

Project amount
€ 900.000


The objective of the SMARTE project was the creation of a platform for the acquisition and management of AVD streams in the field of diagnostics for the maintenance of power generation plants, and in the provision of services to the citizen.

The AVD acquisition and management platform was born as the solution to the need for rapid prototyping at all levels in different sectors, following current market trends in the areas of IoT, M2M and mobile connectivity.

Using this platform, two use cases were implemented:

  1. An innovative system for the diagnosis of photovoltaic systems, through visual and thermographic analysis in real time, using flocks of drones.
    The innovation of the proposed solution lies in the use of new technologies and new algorithms, which together make the diagnosis of malfunctions more efficient.
    The transmission of the audio/video streams is carried out through the use of Vi/VoLTE and Vi/VoWiFi services, thus bypassing the local RF control.
  2. In the area of slow mobility, an electric bicycle (“smart” bike) is integrated with a camera and connected to the AVD platform. The “smart” bike acquires images along the route available to the user, for use in urban road supervision and/or public safety, location-based advertising and tourism services.