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Layered EMS Architecture

MSC Crociere S.p.A


Business area
Software development > IT outsourcing

Project amount
€ 3.600.000


The multinational company MSC Crociere S.p.A is a a leader in the cruise sector in Europe, the Mediterranean, South America, South Africa and East Asia.

Nexsoft is MSC’s partner in providing smart services that can be utilised by users on board.

The SmartShip project, considered strategic for the company, exploits emerging technologies to enable users to access web content and services via mobile devices and digital interfaces.

Thanks to digital technologies, users have the possibility to connect whenever they wish, at no extra cost, with the on-board equipment and enjoy a totally relaxing holiday.

Nexsoft started supporting MSC Crociere from 2015, in all testing of B2C and B2B systems and integration of new on-board services.

The Nexsoft Team consists of 25 engineers with different technical profiles, great team working attitude, analysis skills and experience in software development.

Work is carried out according to ISTQB standards between the software development phase and the technical and operational acceptance phase.

Nexsoft supports MSC Governance in control and monitoring activities.