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System Integration

Layered EMS Architecture


Business area
IT consulting>Systems, Networking & Security

Project amount
€ 1.500.000

System Integration

Our customer is an important Italian company specialising in IT outsourcing services in Finance. Its main customers are banks, financial institutions and insurance companies. Its turnover is around 400 million euros. By basing its offer on a wide range of services offered to its customers, our client has seen its business volumes expand year after year. There have been a dozen Nexsoft consultants involved in their projects over the years.

In various capacities and in various relevant sectors, Nexsoft professionals have had the opportunity to give their advice on the definition, design and implementation of infrastructure and perimeter security policies underpinning the offer to the banking world.

The technologies adopted by our consultants represent the best in class of the banking sector, which has always been very aware of security and access management aspects. Suffice it to say that many of the credit institutions under management are almost exclusively online and therefore the aspects of “always on” and security take top priority.

Also in this area, we had the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in infrastructure, collaborating in designing the system architectures that underpin the service provider’s infrastructure.