Teamsystem Help Desk

Layered EMS Architecture



Business area
IT Consulting >Systems

Project amount
€ 3.000.000

Teamsystem Help Desk

The TeamSystem group is an Italian leader in digital solutions for the management of businesses of every sector and size, and also provides valuable help for freelancers such as lawyers, accountants, labour consultants and condominium administrators, with over 1,400,000 customers and more than 550 partners and direct offices.

The collaboration between Nexsoft and TeamSystem began in July 2018 when the help desk activity started with six resources, rising to about 30 during the period of maximum expansion of the activities.

It was at that time that discussions began on the imminent entry into force of electronic invoicing, which would materialise in January 2019, and the Nexsoft help desk group began its efforts to update and configure Alyante, the TeamSystem management system for businesses.

The updating process, carried out on the customers’ servers completely remotely using remote assistance software, involved the installation of an electronic invoicing module called “Connettore” (“Connector”). The connector was then configured to send and receive electronic invoices via an interconnection with the Agyo portal.

From February to July 2020 Nexsoft was also entrusted with the management of support tickets opened by customers on issues related to electronic invoicing, preceded by a training period at the TeamSystem headquarters in Campobasso.