TMR Fashion & Luxury Framework

Layered EMS Architecture



Business area
Software Development>Nearshoring

Project amount
€ 720.000

TMR Fashion & Luxury Framework

As part of the implementation of traceability solutions for manufacturing chains, Nexsoft is collaborating with Temera in the development of its applications.

Temera implements solutions of excellence at the service of the Fashion & Luxury sector through the development of solutions based on innovative applications of IoT technologies (RFID, UHF, NFC, blockchain).

The heart of the System is the framework (TMR) provided by the company, which supports all basic operations for the tracking of luxury goods.

To do this, industry-leading instrumentation is used that allows for fast, smooth reading/writing of tags based on the above technologies.

Nexsoft is in charge of customising and extending the framework in order to adapt it to the needs of various customers, and its interaction with the management software found in customers’ warehouses.

In this way it is possible to carry out the entire garment tracking cycle from production to distribution to the point of sale.