Transparent Milk

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€ 1.105.000

Transparent Milk

The “Transparent Milk” project has created a complete process and technological solution for traceability of the entire milk production cycle and its subsequent retraceability.

This solution guarantees the consumer the safety and quality of the product (milk and its by-products) and allows the producers to position themselves on the market with a focus on quality.

The solution follows the entire processing cycle, starting from the production in the livestock farms up to the delivery of the product to the treatment and processing plant.

All this is achieved through the identification of all stages of product processing, i.e. the automated records of the animals on the farm, their health status, vaccinations, medicines and feed used, the date and time of milking, the quantity of milk sold and the tracking of the entire milk processing chain.

The technical difficulty relating to the tracing of milk is due to its characteristics: milk by its nature is liquid and during processing is stored and mixed with milk of different origins. In order to ensure complete traceability, a technology system (hardware and software) has been designed and implemented to maintain the data of every single source and every single phase. For each phase, therefore, specific technologies (RFID, GPS, etc.) have been adopted that are not affected by the nature of the item being traced.