WMS – Warehouse Logistics

Layered EMS Architecture



Business area
Software development

Project amount
€ 250.000

Wms – Warehouse Logistics

TeamSystem is the Italian market leader in digital solutions for the management of companies of all sectors and sizes.

The TeamSystem Enterprise product covers all areas of the company: from administration and finance to management control, sales and purchasing, warehouse and production management, through to customer, warehouse and logistics management.

With its cutting-edge products TeamSystem supports enterprises by transforming them into “Industry 4.0” companies.

The WMS (Warehouse Management System) allows complete advanced management of the warehouse and its logistics, starting from the “digital” creation of warehouses and mapping of physical warehouses, managing the logistics of internal goods movement through mobile devices in real time.

The system is equipped with intelligent algorithms to search for goods and to increase the efficiency of their movement within warehouses, in order to minimise manual intervention by users.

Nexsoft is collaborating with TeamSystem in both the design and implementation of the WMS application, which will be accessible both in a web environment and through native applications for Windows CE and Android terminals.