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The key success factors in IT work

During a recent check-up we identified some key aspects of successful IT work at Nexsoft that we are pleased to share here in our corporate blog.

What is the key success factors in an IT company?

Corrado Montoro

Corrado Montoro, founder and sole director of Nexsoft has no doubt: the human resource.

People are the real success factor in an information technology company like ours, especially in a company that offers services. We are a consulting firm, not a software house that manages a product. And so we have to have quality people – only then can we be competitive.

This is an answer that might surprise those who don’t know this world from the inside, but it is evident to all those who work in it: without quality people, IT services are not competitive. So the human resource must be valued and made productive, must be held in the highest regard and must be motivated and made to grow.

What are Nexsoft’s policies for the development of human resources?

The external marketing agency Mirò, which conducted the internal survey for us, asked managers and staff – senior and junior – and some very interesting observations came out. Let’s see what are the most important points we’ve found.

The corporate climate

A company that works towards goals and has within it a very high percentage of young people, graduates and experienced professionals, can only focus on a good corporate climate.

The interviews with Nexsoft employees and managers were unequivocal in this respect: the climate is good.

Maria Rosaria Masucci
“There is a very young atmosphere, a friendly climate, and if you want to talk to Corrado (Nexsoft’s sole director) or the other executives just knock and go in. In this company you’re a person and not a number.”

That’s what Maria Rosaria Masucci, our recruiting manager, tells us.

Everyone is called by their first name in Nexsoft, formalities are not important: it’s not just a question of style, it’s a fairly fundamental matter.

In a company that focuses on people and has a certain type of working method – as we shall see – the relationship between people is a question of efficiency, not simply of managerial style.

Pietro Albano, senior professional, adds:

Pietro Albano
I’ve worked in a lot of companies. I was in Nexsoft then I went elsewhere but I’m back here again, where I end up feeling better, because I feel like I’m part of a project, but not in a comfort zone – here you grow, you work on more projects.

The climate is an essential prerequisite for building a project, to be part of a group working for an external client, who requires the work to be managed by goals.

A positive climate also means knowing how to manage stress. Another senior professional, Giuseppe Pontillo, tells us:

Giuseppe Pontillo
An important factor in evaluating a job is the stress, the peaks of work… in this industry we all know companies that have an absurd pace, the Chinese of IT, and we as experienced specialists keep away from these companies, knowing that they actually produce stress. Here at Nexsoft we work to goals, but without this leading to stress at work.
Cerco Lavoro Nexsoft - Inizio carriera

The little benefits for the staff also contribute to the company climate, such as the coffee and fresh fruit available in the break/lunch area, the space on the terrace to relax for five minutes playing basketball, the parking for employees. And the flexible hours: there are no badges or rigid controls, you are measured on results, not on behaviour.

Work methodologies

A good climate is also useful for working methods.

Pierluca Pierro, our technical manager, emphasises that the choice to have the majority of employees working at the Salerno site is strategic, thus creating an in-house factory.

Pierluca Pierro
“The teams work with the Scrum Agile methodology, the groups within them are very united. We have some friction between the different teams, which we have to work on still, but the advantage of having cohesive groups is very strong.”

Employees seem to agree. Valentino Vastola, junior professional, says:

Valentino Vastola
“It’s great working with the Agile methodology, because you benchmark yourself and have room for some autonomy, and what’s more, if you find the right people, as I did, you grow, you understand more, you learn.”

The company climate is therefore a prerequisite for efficiency: one cannot work with such a methodology if there is no coordination and willingness to communicate.

And Pietro Albano reinforces the point:

Pietro Albano
The wellbeing aspect must be emphasised over and above the salary aspect. Here we have no constraints, it’s like a big family, we don’t have set hours, we work in harmony. Working in Agile, we are a team, and that’s a great plus. “

Professional growth and training

There is one last aspect to underline on the subject of human development in a digital business: professional growth. Giuliano Ferraioli, senior professional, says:

Giuliano Ferraioli
Here at Nexsoft there are opportunities for growth from a technical point of view, because switching technology is an advantage for me, a change of customer gives me more opportunities to get up to date.”

In a service company you often change and learn more. And again:

We are in a phase where we have made an analysis of internal skills and we are studying a training plan to fill the gaps there are, to introduce certifications, and this can be a good benefit to offer to employees

Certifications are a must, today you can’t do without them and here at Nexsoft we have a plan to offer them to our employees.


Everything OK? The check-up carried out before the lockdown to detect the key success factors for IT work in the company makes us confident, but today there is a new challenge. We have to deal with the smart working massively introduced into the company during the pandemic. Will we be able to maintain a good climate, cohesive groups and efficient work?… Stay tuned here to find out.

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